Talent Database of CLUBVENTOS and associated companies

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. The path to securing your dream job at one of our companies starts here.

This database is at the center of our hiring process, and by filling it carefully you will be a candidate for current and future job openings that match your profile.

Please read carefully these instructions before proceeding:

  1. This questionnaire will ask some questions about yourself, your education, skills  and experience. Please provide answers as accurate as possible, to allow us to understand your profile and offer you a position that matches your skills and/or professional goals. Providing false answers will most likely work against you as your file can be tagged as "unreliable answers" if this is detected. Having an accurate file in our talent database enables you to be notified in the future of new job openings that may be interesting for you.
  2. The following questions will cover only a few aspects of your professional profile, and do not intend to replace your CV. You will upload your CV at the end of this questionnaire. Preparing a good CV is essential for us to understand further who you are and what opportunities maybe adequate for you. A good CV contains:
  • Your personal details including name, address, telephone, email, skype, date of birth.
  • Your education and qualifications.
  • Your work experiences, including: company name, role, start and end date, description of responsibilities, achievements, contact for reference.
  • A cover letter or an introduction paragraph with your own description of who you are, what are your strengths and career objectives.


Please have the file ready for upload before proceeding. The system will only accept one file, So if you need to add a cover letter or other information required in any job offer, please add that to the same document containing your CV, as extra pages at the end. File format can be doc, docx, pdf, odt with a maximum size of 2MB.